Refer More & Earn Huge!

Let others know about this great opportunity by referring everyong you know.

For each referral you bring, we'll not only pay them the exact same way we pay you but also we will PAY YOU HALF OF WHAT WE PAY THEM.

Just because you referred some one, no matter how much he / she earns, you'll always get half of it! Isn't it cool?

There are two ways you can refer:

Option I: Your own way You have full control in letting people know about us - email, blog, your own site and any thing else you can think off!

Just send them to any of the page links, just by adding ?id=<YOUR BUX BAY ID> to any of the page you wish them to come first.

You'll see your Bux Bay ID once you login to your account.

For example, if you want them to come to eBay offer page, the URL you should have them click is:<YOUR BUX BAY ID>

Option II: Our traditional way: Fill in the e-mail ids of all those whome you want to refer (and optional message to them) so that we'll send them an invitational e-mail.

e-mail Ids of people you would like to refer:

If you have more people to refer, enter them all in the below area, each separated by a comma. (You don't have to enter their names):
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