Please note that this is a demo site to demonstrate our ecommerce business building capabilities. No money will be paid at this stage.

Please get back to us if you want a similar (or even much more complicated) business to be built at a great price. Thank you!

Bux Bay - Finds you great deals & Pays you great Bucks!!!

What do we do for you?

We have been finding great deals on many products & services you love to have. Also, WE WILL EVEN PAY YOU TO GET THEM!!!

How do I earn bux?
  1. Select any of the great offers from the top menu, which will take you to a page describing what you need to do with them and the amount of money you get paid for doing so.

  2. Click on the link in that page to go to their site and complete the required purchase.

  3. Come back to us and claim the bux.

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Let others know about this great opportunity by referring everyong you know. For each referral you bring, we'll not only pay them the exact same way we pay you but also we will PAY YOU HALF OF WHAT WE PAY THEM.